“If you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life.” – Marc Anthony

I am very passionate about teaching and learning (yeah I haven’t stopped studying for degrees yet) so my life has been very pleasing. Never a day that I get up and do not want to go work (but PhD is different in this sense, we all have bad days for it).

I am fortunate enough to get to work on different things with different people including professional development projects with different institutions and companies to help their staff develop their English and communication skills, train people to become well-informed tour guides, translate database of archaeological sites in Thailand and Southeast Asia to make them accessible by the world, train English teachers about technology in language education, speak and conduct workshops on technology at conferences and seminars all over Asia, write books  for people who want to become police officers, teachers, and government officials and occasionally interpreter for the Thai Prime Minister!!!

In my research, I am very passionate about the role technology has to play in language education so passionate that I signed up to painfully work on the topic under a PhD framework for the next few years.  Fortunately, both of my supervisors (Professor Dr. Hayo Reinders and Associate Professor Dr. Pornapit Darasawang) have to put up with it (my research) and ME, too.

In my other life, I enjoy playing and watching football, less so of the former after a serious knee injury years ago. I am a big fan of Middlesbrough, a VERY famous team in England haha so big that I have to fly there to see the match every year.  I also play the guitar and have been in the band with my friends for over 10 years. Below is the first and the only song we have ever made – yeah we have 248 views on YouTube.


Apart from all these, I love being surrounded by positive and smiley people and I am a big fan of spending time with them. I love travelling and luckily my work gets to me do it very often so often that my mother has to ask me to stay home for more than three weeks.