Articles & Journals

International Refereed Journal 

  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N., Reinders, H., & Darasawang, P. (2019). “Language MOOCs: An Expanding Field. Technology in Language Teaching & Learning, 1(1), forthcoming.
  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. (2018). Fostering Learner Autonomy in Foreign Language Classroom: A Digital Storytelling Project. Journal for Foreign Language Education and Technology 3 (2), 2018. You can read the article here
  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. & Reinders, H. (2018). Language MOOCS: What teachers need to know. Modern English Teacher. Volume 27 (1).
  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. (2016). What Makes a Successful Language Learner: A Case Study. GENTEFL Journal 2016 : ELT: Pedagogies, Strategies, & Technologies, 2016 1(1)

National Refereed Journal

  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. (2018) Gender-Differential Tendencies in LINE use: A case of Thailand. Journal of Studies in English Language 13 (1)  
  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. (2018) Students’ Attitudes towards the use of Digital Storytelling in Foreign Language Classroom. rEFLections 25 (2). 

Conference Proceedings 

  • Jitpaisarnwattana, N. (2015). Language Choice and Code Switching Practices among Thai Students: A Case Study. Proceedings of International Conference on Language and Communication, National institute of Administration, 2014